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Books 0 – 5 years. (Scroll down for books for 6 – 8 years and 9 – 12 years)

The Rocket that flew to Mars

On the red planet near our own, a truck builds a house, a robot cleans some solar panels, and so the first Mars colony begins…but space exploration comes with a few surprises.

A fun space-age nursery rhyme retelling “The House that Jack Built.”

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Things Evie EatsThe story of a little girl with very definite ideas on the things she’d like to eat as told by her big brother.

Know a picky eater?

The fussy eating stage; most toddlers go through it, all mums hate it.

When Evie decides she’s only going to eat flowers, her big(-ish) brother comes up with a solution to keep everyone happy.

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Front book cover of Better Buckle Up. Books for children by SuzieW

… a children’s picture book to make car safety fun.

Ollie doesn’t want to sit in his car-seat or wear his seat-belt until Mum shows him some of the supercool things people can do while using a seat-belt to keep them safe.

Follow Ollie as he rides a rollercoaster, drives a racing car, flies a plane and blasts off into space … all while always wearing his seatbelt, of course.

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Books 6 – 8 years. (Scroll down for books for 9 – 12 years)

Sean goes to barcelona

Sean, an 8-year old aspiring footballer, goes on the trip of a lifetime! He travels to Barcelona, Spain, to watch a FC Barcelona football game and get an autograph from his hero, the celebrated forward Lionel Messi. Being the resourceful and determined kid that he is, Sean comes up with various creative ways to track down his hero and make his dream come true. But sometimes, as he will discover, life doesn’t quite go according to plan…

Beautiful illustrations by Elettra Cudignotto.

Winner of MOM’S CHOICE AWARDS 2018

Book quote: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Fairy Eyeglasses

When Cassie finds a magic pair of glasses that allow her to see fairies, she has to figure out where they came from . . . and what the fairies want her to do with them.

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Book cover for The Goose that laid Golden Easter Eggs by Emily Martha Sorensen

The family has a magical new goose. One that quacks and clucks and moos and lays golden eggs. So what happens when Junior feeds it his sister’s watch?

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Charlie Sparrow and the Secret of Flight

Charlie Sparrow has no idea he can fly. It’s no wonder—in Tree City, none of the birds do. When Charlie seeks out the secret behind his feathers, Doctor Nightingale claims he has a dangerous childhood disease, the cure for which is feather plucking. Charlie will do anything to find out the truth, even disobey the adults who think they know what’s best for him.

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Books 9 – 12 years

Magic Money Treet

Do you think you can get rich quick with magic? Think again. This funny illustrated poem will teach your kids the real secret to wealth.

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Into the Hare Wood

The family curse just slipped out of the shadows and into their backyard…

Instead of spending summer break splashing in the pool, Hannah and Cameron Troyer find themselves solemnly guarded by ranks of neighborhood cats and haunted by a madman from the woods.

Did Dad forget to tell them something about their ancient Italian ancestors?

And can Hannah and Cameron unravel the secret on their own before the madman takes his revenge? “Clang, clang, clang: The sword against the golden gate. The treasure waits within.”

Click now to join the Troyers in Book One of the Gates of Aurona series!

Recommended for ages 8-12. “reminiscent of the Chronicles of Narnia or the Dark is Rising series…

Into the Hare Wood is charming from the outset.” – Portland Book Review

“Engaging, imaginative, and just the right amount of spooky!” – LyP, Amazon Reviewer

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harry the super dogCan a heroic dog help a young puppy find his forever home? Harry the Super Dog didn’t need to use his powers sense the sad little puppy, hidden in this bush. The puppy had no place to call home and no one to call, family. The new four footed friends embark on a quest to find puppy’s purpose in life.

Would it be a kind and caring family?

Along the journey, Harry teaches Puppy to enjoy the beauty of Nature and share the outdoors with winged and furry creatures alike. With each new encounter Puppy lets go of his fear and begins to trust again. Will Puppy accept a warm lap to snuggle in, love from a family? Or is his destination leading him into yet a different direction?

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Time Shifters Into the Past

GOLD WINNER of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2017

When Maisie Brown is time-shifted to 1471 during a school trip to Warwick Castle, it’s the beginning of an adventure bigger than she could have ever dreamed of. The only problem is she has to share it with Lizzie, the class bully, instead of her best friend Danny, who has managed to get caught up with the army marching to the Battle of Barnet.

Determined to save Danny, Maisie and Lizzie battle against everything that Medieval England throws at them, finding unexpected help from a Lord with a surprising secret, and discovering two mysterious hooded figures are trying to hunt them down. With time running out to find Danny they realise they have the unlikeliest of allies looking out for them.

The chase is on to find a way home or risk being lost in time forever.

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Princess the Cat v Snarl the CoyoteA snooty cat. A vicious coyote. A surprise kitten…

Princess the cat rules over her domain with a firm paw. But everything changes when her humans bring home a kitten. The clueless housemate comes at exactly the wrong time. Snarl the coyote is hungry, and he’s making a move on Princess’ territory…

Princess must protect her turf and show the new kid the ropes. It’s the only way she can prevent her subjects from becoming Snarl’s snacks. Can she train the kitten, control her kingdom, and save the neighborhood all at the same time?

Princess the Cat versus Snarl the Coyote is the first book in a series of chapter books for readers in grades 3-6. If you and your children like animals, action, and laughing yourselves silly, then you’ll love John Heaton’s perfect-for-all-ages series.

Get Princess today to make story time hilarious fun for the whole family!

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