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Mog and the Baby – #AtoZfavbooks Challenge – Day 13

Mog and the BabyMog and the Baby by Judith Kerr …

… Day 13 May #AtoZfavbooks challenge.

Day 13 and we’re halfway through the #AtoZfavbooks challenge already. There are seventeen stories by Judith Kerr about Mog the cat but Mog and the Baby is my all time favourite.

My children and I read Mog and the Baby until it literally fell to pieces. It’s the story of Mog whose normal happy life is interrupted by the arrival of Mrs Clutterbuck’s who wants to leave her baby with the family for a while.

“Are you sure my baby will be all right with your cat?” asks Mrs Clutterbuck.   

“Oh yes, Mog loves babies,” says Mrs Mog. 

The trouble is, Mog really doesn’t love babies at all. Despite this fact Mog manages to save the baby and becomes the hero of the day.

A lovely book that builds to a climax as the baby wanders off, ‘And there was a car coming!’ 

Suzie x

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