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Early Reading Books
Read with Rhino

read with rhino level one books

rhino in red glasses

Meet Rhino and his friends.

Children love the characters, especially cheeky Max.

Read with Rhino is a fun series of beginner reading books. It is not a reading scheme, although there is a progression in the difficulty.

The sentences are short, with lots of repetition to build confidence and a focus on words from the First 100 High Frequency list. Where other words are needed, they are largely ones which can be phonetically decoded, and there are lots of visual clues in the pictures to help beginner readers.

Read with Rhino stories are a fun way to supplement a school reading scheme, or for homeschooling.

New titles are being added as fast as my illustrator can work.

5 stars Just brilliant! The best early reader I have ever seen!

This delightful early reader book is in 3D. The pictures of the children have depth and perspective – it’s almost like looking through a window. There is reading advice at the start – and everything is laid out really well. I was goggling at the amazing 3D children. This book is just so worth it in so many ways. I work in a library and I can say for sure I would buy these if I could. Great work!

This book is quick and easy for a first time reader who is transitioning from all pictures and one word stories to sentences and illustrations. The little Rhino guide is also a good tool to guide children and help them learn concepts like finding clues and follow the pictures and text to find the answer. The activities at the back were also a great learning tool for parents to help their children learn from the story.
5 stars
max from read with rhino


yen from read with rhino


starr from read with rhino


Kimmee from Read with Rhino


Jaz from Read with Rhino


Beth from Read with Rhino


There are currently 3 titles in Level 1


Make friends with the kids from Read with Rhino and find out the things Kimmee, Beth, Jaz, Star, Yen and Max like to do.


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book cover for Go

The Read with Rhino kids ride their bikes in the park. But when Max can’t keep up with the others he takes a short cut. What could possibly go wrong?


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Rock Pools

cover for Rock Pools

The Read with Rhino kids are enjoying looking in rock pools at the beach. But what is Max doing? I hope he isn’t up to his tricks again.


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Picture Books

Better Buckle Up

Front book cover of Better Buckle Up. Books for children by SuzieW

A story to make car safety fun.

Ollie doesn’t want to sit in his car-seat or wear his seat-belt until Mum shows him some of the supercool people who use a seat-belt to keep them safe.

Do you struggle to persuade your child to buckle up their seat-belt?

Of course, car safety is non-negotiable with your toddler, but it’s not always easy. Many of them kick and scream and hate being strapped down. Better Buckle Up tackles the issue in a fun way.


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Things Evie Eats

Things Evie Eats

A story for fussy eaters everywhere.

The story of a little girl with very definite ideas on the things she’d like to eat … as told by her big brother.

Know a picky eater?

Like many toddlers, Evie can be fussy over the things she chooses to eat. Good thing her big (-ish) brother comes up with a solution to keep everyone happy.


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