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Better Buckle Up

Front cover of Better Buckle Up by SuzieW


Ollie doesn’t want to sit in his car-seat or wear his seat-belt until Mum shows him some of the supercool things people can do while using a seat-belt to keep them safe.


Do you struggle to persuade your child to buckle up their seat-belt?

Better Buckle Up in car seat

As parents, we spend a lot of time and money choosing the safest car seats and installing them properly to keep our children, our most precious cargo of all, protected in case of accident. But our little ones don’t always appreciate our efforts. Some kick and scream and hate being pinned down.

We used to call my grandson’s car seat the ‘chair of doom’ because he hated being strapped in so much. ‘Better Buckle Up’ was my answer to the problem.

Now he chants Better Buckle Up everytime he sits in his seat.

Follow Ollie as he...

… drives a fire engine,

fire engine illustration from better buckle up

… races a beach buggy over the sands,

beach buggy illustration from Better Buckle Up

… flies a plane,

aeroplane illustration from better buckle up

… and blasts off into space.

Rocket illustration from better buckle up

Watch Better Buckle Up read by the author

With bright, colourful illustrations from PlainSightVFX and a repeating text that children love, Better Buckle Up is a fun book for pre-schoolers (whether they like to wear their seat-belt or not).

book cover for paperback book Better Buckle Up

Better Buckle Up is available in paperback and e-book.

 Order your copy of Better Buckle Up HERE