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I am Otter – #AtoZfavbooks May Challenge – Day 9

I am OtterI am Otter by Sam Garton …

… Day 9 #AtoZfavbooks challenge.

I first encountered the fantastic I am Otter by Sam Garton on facebook in the days before the book was picked up and published by Harper Collins.

The illustrations are delightful and the funny logic of Otter and his sidekick Teddy makes for a great children’s book. I mean, who can fault Otter for opening a toast restaurant because he’s bored while otter-keeper is at work?

If you join Sam Garton’s mailing list, he regularly sends fun newsletters with the latest exploits of Otter, Teddy and the long-suffering otter-keeper which always make me smile.

I bought a hardback copy. This is going to become a classic.


Suzie x

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