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Escape from author overwhelm

escape from author overwhelm

What do you do when progress on your to-do list is so slow you think you might be going backwards?

You need an escape from author overwhelm.

What did I do? Took the grandkids to the river. It’s been raining for days here in Wales and the water was wild and angry. The roaring water drowned out the to-do list in my head.

Perfect ūüôā

I had so much planned to do this week. Somehow it all went wrong.

I spent last night updating my web page with the details for Things Evie Eats  but then my laptop threw a wobbler and deleted the files I had taken hours sorting out.

Start again time.

I was already behind schedule sending the files for “Things Evie Eats” to the printers and then, as my hand hovered over the ‘send’ button, I noticed that, when converting the size of some image files in Photoshop, I’d put the numbers in the wrong boxes which caused them to be waaaaaay smaller than they should have been. This meant the quality was severely reduced.

It took a whole day to check and redo them. But the¬†Kindle edition is finally uploaded and available for Pre-Order¬†and I’m awaiting the proof from the printers for the¬†Print edition. Yay!

Things Evie Eats

I had a great Blog Post planned for this week. It was about making flower food for kids and tied in neatly with Things Evie Eats. But it took longer than anticipated to make flowers out of fruit and vegetables.

Maybe I’ll finish it next week.

flower food

Anyway, I enjoyed my time by the river. It was a perfect escape from author overwhelm. Back to that to-do list tomorrow ūüôā

Suzie x


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