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The May AtoZfavbooks Challenge (#AtoZfavbooks)

#A-Zfavbooks challengeThe #AtoZfavbooks challenge…

… 26 letters, 26 books, 26 days.

Starting May 1st, I’m doing the #AtoZfavbooks challenge and I invite you join my in sharing a book title you love for every letter of the alphabet?

The Rules:

The rules are easy:

  • start with titles beginning with A on 1st May, B on the 2nd May and so on.
  • any genre goes. I’ll be focusing on Kids fiction but you could choose crime, romance, horror or mix them up as you please.
  • share your top picks on twitter, facebook, pinterest or any other social media.
  • use the hashtag #AtoZfavbooks so we can find your posts.
  • titles starting with ‘The’ or ‘A’ should have use the next word in the title. eg The Hunger Games would go under ‘H’ for Hunger Games, not ‘T’ for The.

Make sense?

Are you up for the AtoZfavbooks challenge?

Suzie x