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The Little Boy who Lost his Name – #AtoZfavbooks May Challenge – Day 12

Little Boy who lost his nameThe Little Boy who lost his Name …

… Day 12 May #AtoZfavbooks challenge.

The Little Boy who lost his Name is a very special entry in the #AtoZfavbooks challenge because it’s completely personalized with your child’s name.

In the story, the people that the little boy meets and the adventures he has are all determined by the letters in their name. So Max met a Mermaid with a comb tangled in her hair, an Aardvark eating ants and a pirate with a treasure map marked with a X. (He was particularly fond of the pirate.) A child with a longer name would get a longer story 🙂

The story was told in rhyme and had great pictures. I ordered one for my grandson and he thought it was very funny that the boy had the same name as he did.

As this has to be a print to order book, I did worry what the quality of the printing would be like but it’s superb; excellent colour and sturdy paper that takes the punishment that any book for children gets.

The books can be ordered from the LostMyName website. When you’re ordering you can see a preview of the book with the options for the letters in your child’s name which is a really great touch. ‘The Little Girl who lost her Name’ is available too.

 Suzie x

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