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Better Buckle Up book video – read for you by SuzieW

Better Buckle Up book video

There were many stages in the making of Better Buckle Up book video.

  1. The making of the flash file that turned the pages of the ebook.  Pain point 6/10 – only involved slight swearing at InDesign.
  2. The recording myself reading the ebook and turning the page at the same time.  Pain point 7/10 – used Camtasia for screen capture. Hard to keep the mouse in the right place to turn pages nicely.
  3. The hating of hearing my voice on the recording. Pain point 10/10 – I thought my Northern accent had mellowed! Spent more time listening to voice artists on Fiverr. Couldn’t decide. Went back to me.  
  4. The making of the animation for the Intro and Outro of the video. Pain point 0/10 – because I didn’t do it 🙂
  5. Cutting the video together. Pain point 8/10 – involved copious amounts of swearing at Premiere Pro. Was OK once hubby decided I was unteachable and just did it for me.
  6. The adding of the music.  Pain point 9/10 – not that this stage was unpleasant but it took forever to audition possible sound files in Audioblocks library. Then a further forever to cut them together with the video.  


Hope you like it.

Suzie xx

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