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Reader problems: a book win, pancake tossing and Storm Doris
Reader problems: a book win, pancake tossing and Storm Doris

A quick mish-mash of a post today.

First off, a book I won arrived today.

And there’s nothing like a new book to cheer up the day, so a big thank you to Cosmochicklitan for the giveaway.

Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe is the second book in the series by Debbie Johnson and it looks scrumptious. But…

Reader problems No 1. Do I read it now or wait until next Christmas?

Reader's problem

Secondly, a quick update on Pancakes! An Interactive Recipe Book by Lotta Nieminen.

pancakes, an interactive cookbook

You might remember I ordered this book to roadtest with the grandchildren but it hadn’t arrived when I wrote the post. Well, the 2-year old liked operating the various flaps and wheels. However, one has required sellotaping already so I am a little worried how robust it will be.

Reader problems No 2: Having to repair the book in the first day.

The 4-year old was less impressed. He told me there was ‘no story’ but he was keen to try out the instructions to make real pancakes. Check out my pancake tossing skills below. (Only one pancake landed on the side of the pan and fell to pieces. Who said I was no good at throwing and catching?)

Storm Doris

Finally, Storm Doris hit Wales in February. I lay in bed watching the rain lash at the window, listening to the wind rattling the roof and re-arranging the garden. I love storms and although Doris missed out on the thunder and lightning, it was still a beauty, leaving the river running through the village in full flood.

Reader problems No 3: spending time clearing up after the storm when I should been reading.

I meant to post this video last week but didn’t get round to it. Must try harder.

Happy reading till next week.

Suzie xx

Pink Pear Bear
Picture books about Pancakes

Picture books about Pancakes

picture books about pancakesPancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday,  is almost upon us. 28th February is the day people all over the UK try tossing those eggy, milky mixtures. It’s a strange ritual. My kids found it hilarious because I’m pretty hopeless at throwing and catching. And yes, some of my culinary wonders have ended up splattered on my cooker and worktops. So to get you in the mood for throwing your cooking around your kitchen, here are some picture books about pancakes.

Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle

pancakes pancakesJack wakes up and wants a pancake but his mother doesn’t have the ingredients. So starts an incredibly detailed description of Jack as he cuts the wheat and grinds it into flour (I told you this was detailed), collects eggs from the hen, milks the cow and churns some butter. He then makes jam, lights a fire and finally gets round to cooking the pancakes.

This is the same style as our favourite The Very Hungry Caterpillar but not quite as catchy. However, it is a great way to explain (in glorious technicolour) how to make a pancake. Although I’d recommend you buy the ingredients from the supermarket and use your cooker.

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes by Jan Fearnley

Mr Wolf's pancakesAnother story about someone waking up wanting to eat pancakes. Unsure how to do it, an uncharacteristically pleasant Mr Wolfe asks lots of his neighbours to help him but they refuse – very rudely. Even more rudely, once Mr Wolf has made the pancakes, they come round to ask him to share them. The twist in this tale is that Mr Wolf decides to share. But is Mr Wolfe as pleasant and polite as it seems? Nope. Once they’re in his kitchen, he eats the neighbours!

This is a tale with lots of opportunity to talk about good/bad behaviour and sharing – as well as making pancakes.

Pancakes! An Interactive Recipe Book by Lotta Nieminen

pancakes, an interactive cookbook

This is such an unusual book you really need to watch the video to appreciate it. By a series of flaps and wheels, readers mix and cook their pancakes. I ordered a copy of this book to share with the grandchildren but it hasn’t arrived as I write this. I’ll update you all when we’ve road-tested this book.

Hey Pancakes by Tamson Weston

Hey, PancakesI’ve included this last book because I love the illustrations. They are so colourful and bright and full of movement – true homage to the humble pancake.  It also has the recipe for Grandma’s Pancakes at the end for good measure.hey pancakes

Have a great pancake day.

Suzie xx

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