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Books to celebrate Dad on Father’s Day

father's dayFather’s Day

As we come up to Father’s Day, I’ve been looking at some books that celebrate Dads everywhere for you, and Dad, to share with your little ones.

father's day books

First up is “Just me and My Dad” by Mercer Mayer. The book is part of the well known Little Critters series and is a lovely story about an eventful father-and-son camping trip.

Despite all the things that go wrong, the duo manage to have a great time. The book has detailed illustrations with so much to look at and talk about. A real feel-good read.

Father's Day booksOf course, daughters and dad’s can have great days together too. Check out “Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too” by Anna Dewdney, a funny book told in rhyme.  

What I particularly liked about this book is that it breaks with traditional gender stereotypes, so we see Daddy not only building a playhouse with daughter Nelly but cooking her dinner, running errands and reading her stories. What a great dad 🙂

Father's Day bookMy next choice is “When Dad Showed me the Universe” by Ulf Stark. This book has beautiful, dreamy illustrations which match the wonderous tone of the text.

This is a story all parents can relate to. Dad plans to show his son the magic of the universe with a night-time walk but his trip doesn’t go as he’s planned and despite the fact his son totally sees the beauty his father is trying to show him, Dad fails to notice. It’s not as sad as it sounds, just a really good story that can be enjoyed by parents and children alike.

father's day books“Me and my Dad” by Alison Ritchie … a role model book for father’s everywhere to aspire to.

Daddy Bear wakes Little Bear with tickles and kisses, plays with him, teaches him to swim, protects him from thunderstorms, then cuddles him under the stars for a bedtime story. Wow! What a dad.

Father's day bookFinally, I’ve included The Day I Swapped my Dad for a Goldfish, by Neil Gaiman. This is a book for older readers (probably 5 upwards) but adults are going to love the story too. Obviously the title gives away the plot but there are plenty of twists you won’t expect as the story unfolds.

I think I share the same sense of humour with Mr Gaiman because, even though it’s completely unrealistic that you should be able to swap your father, I find it very funny.

Here’s wishing all Dads a Happy Father’s day. Have lots of fun whatever you read.

Suzie x


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Bonding with your baby: how reading helps

bonding between mother and baby

What is bonding?

Bonding: that intense attachment between parent and child. It’s the thing that helps you love that little person even when they wake to be fed every hour through the night, scream their way through bouts of colic and decide 3am would be a great time to get up and play.

And it’s the thing that makes your baby feel safe and loved.


Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. Emilie Buckwald. Click To Tweet


Why is bonding important?

reading with child helping bondingNumerous studies have proven that bonding with at least one primary caregiver is essential to a baby’s development.

It helps them:

  • feel confident in themselves,
  • develop trust in people,
  • learn empathy,
  • and sets the precedence for their future relationships.

Equally documented are the problems lack of bonding can create.

  • increased levels of the stress hormone, cortisol,
  • a weakened immune system,
  • a tendency to high risk behaviour,
  • it’s no surprise over 80% of prison inmates show attachment problems.
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How does reading help with bonding?

For some people, bonding is intense from the first moment they see their child, others may take longer but it is also an on-going process that grows and develops every time you interact with your baby.

Here are some of the ways reading helps you bond with your baby.

  1. Sharing a book in a comfy chair provides opportunity for quality one-on-one time.
  2. Snuggling with a book provides the closeness all babies need.
  3. Before words are understood the sound of your voice is soothing.
  4. Even very young babies interact by moving their arms and legs when being read to.
  5. Fosters the idea books are a fun thing to inspire future readers.
  6. Put on silly voices while you read. There’s nothing better having fun together.
  7. A great winding down activity as part of a bedtime routine.


Some books about bonding.

And some book ideas to share with your baby.


So what are you waiting for? Pick up a book and get bonding.

Suzie x


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