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Win 5 Famous Five colour short stories in the June #Giveaway
Win 5 Famous Five colour short stories in the June #Giveaway

Win 5 Famous Five colour Short Stories

You could Win 5 Famous Five colour Short Stories in the June Giveaway. With up-to-date illustrations, these books are a perfect introduction to a world of Enid Blyton adventures for readers aged 6 – 9.

Titles in the giveaway include:

  • Five and a Half-term Adventure
  • Well done, Famous Five
  • Good Old Timmy
  • George’s Hair is Too Long
  • A Lazy Afternoon

All you have to do is answer one simple question below.

I’ll be drawing the winner on the 1st of July.

Good luck everyone.

Suzie xx

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Book review: Famous Five colour Short Stories

Famous Five

I grew up on a diet of Enid Blyton. Oh, how I wanted to be one of the Famous Five; solving mysteries and having adventures.

Five on a Treasure IslandThere were twenty-one Famous Five novels in all. Enid Blyton could write a book in a week!!! (Excuse me while I have an “Oh, how I want to write as fast a Enid Blyton” moment.)

The first book, Five on a Treasure Island, was published in 1942. It’s a product of a different age. Even though the oldest of the children is just 12 years old, they roam about the countryside unsupervised; they attend boarding school and have parent’s rich enough to own islands. But that doesn’t take away the fact that our heroes still outwitted criminals, solved crimes and had loads of fun.

What I didn’t know was that Enid Blyton also wrote a series of Famous Five short stories for publication in magazines. These have now been released as books in their own right by Hodder. As I’m working on a middle grade book at the moment, I got hold of a few of the books to see what they were like.

Famous Five colour Short Stories

famous five colour short stories

At 80 pages long, they’re not too long for beginner readers and I was happy to find that they have lost their cutesy 1950’s image and look current and fresh for modern kids. Inside, the illustrations are full colour too, giving them an almost comic book feel.

I did worry whether the 1950’s language might jarr alongside the contemporary artwork but I think it stood up admirably.

Readers of my blog will know I’m a BIG fan of text that complements the illustrations and tried to incorporate that into my own picture book design.  Jamie Littler, the artist on the Famous Five books, does this really well.

famous five short stories

What are the books about?

 Five and a Half-term Adventure

George’s dog Timmy sniffs out an adventure when he spots some suspicious-looking passengers on a train. He is very interested in one of them, but what has he spotted? Can the Famous Five solve this mystery?

Five and a Half-Term Adventure

Well done, Famous Five

The most famous racehorse in England is being trained in Kirren, and the Famous Five are eager to watch. But when the horse bolts the Famous Five need to think quickly to make sure he isn’t lost or injured. The whole of England is depending on them.

Well done Famous Five

Good Old Timmy

After the Five see a boy being kidnapped at the beach, they set out to find him. But where have the kidnappers hidden the boy? Will Timmy lead them to the answer?

Good Old Timmy

George’s Hair is Too Long

Borrowing some scissors is the beginning of an adventure for the Famous Five, as George manages to get mixed up with some burglars. Julian, Dick and Anne are too busy eating ice cream to realise that George is in trouble! Will the Famous Five manage to catch up with the burglars and save the day?

George's Hair is Too Long

A Lazy Afternoon

It’s so terribly hot, the Famous Five are having a lazy afternoon…but the gang don’t get the peace and quiet they imagined! What are the men on the motorbikes up to? Can they be stopped?

A Lazy Afternoon

My verdict.

I really liked this new series. I’m sure they’ll be a hit for children transitioning from early readers to ‘real books’ and reluctant readers will love the colourful pages. They are a great introduction to Enid Blyton’s classic series.

I’ll be giving away copies of the 5 books in my June Giveaway, just answer the easy question below.

Thanks for reading

Suzie xx 

PS There’s still time to enter my 5 Classic Picture Books May Giveaway

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Check out the latest book review of Things Evie Eats

Check out the latest book review of Things Evie Eats

It’s always exciting when you get a book review so I wanted to share the awesome review of Things Evie Eats that I received from the lovely Karen over at  The Next Best Thing to Mummy.

This is a delightful book with fantastic illustrations

Things Evie Eats

Especially useful to parents and carers who have a fussy eater

Reviews are like gold dust to authors. You can read the full review HERE while I do my happy dance.

happy dance photo

Thanks, Karen.

Suzie xx

Book review: Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane

Book review: Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane

I was really happy to win a copy of Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane recently in a giveaway on GetKidsIntoBooks. I thought it looked like a great story to share with the grandchildren. Here’s how we got on.

pilot jane and the runaway plane

My grandson is into planes at the moment. His favourite toy is “Dusty Crophopper” 🙂 So he was excited to see a new book about a plane. He wasn’t bothered that the plane was pink and flowery in the slightest but I was a little surprised by it’s colour given the books clear attempt to challenge gender stereotypes.

The illustrations are bright and colourful with enough detail for us to talk about, and I loved the characterization of Pilot Jane. Grandson is also a big fan of rhyming text, so that was another point in the books favour.

Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane

The Pilot Plot

The story tells how Pilot Jane and her plane, Rose, go on lots of exciting journey’s. They earn such a great reputation that the Queen asks them to fly her to a party.  Unfortunately, Rose eats ‘cake fuel’ the night before and wakes up with ‘plane flu.’ which means that Jane has to take the Queen in ‘Mighty Mitch’.

Naughty Mighty Mitch is cross that his new pilot is a girl.

Mitch groaned: “A girl pilot! Bother and drat!

I’ll bet she’s slow – or a big scardey cat!”

He starts to behave badly to scare her and to show off. (Grandson liked that he was naughty lol) But there’s a storm coming and that’s where things start to go wrong. Happily, Pilot Jane has the necessary skills to bring the situation under control and the pair ends up working together and becoming friends.

Pilot Jane and the Runaway PlaneThe story kept grandson’s attention the whole time. He insisted on a second and third reading straight away and asked, “Where’s the new book about the plane?” on his next visit. That makes Pilot Jane a definite hit.

Despite the message – girl’s can be pilot’s too – the last line was particularly good.

Whatever the weather, we work together,

Hurray for Girl – and Boy – Power Forever.

Final verdict

After the ‘girl bashing’ in the book I reviewed last, it was nice that the story fostered some much needed gender co-operation. In fact, I grew to like the pink plane. This was a book that showed girls can be girly, as well as strong and able.

Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane

British Books Challenge 2017

British Books Challenge

Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane is written by Oxford-based writer, Caroline Baxter so it was a perfect choice for my British Books Challenge.  You can read my previous reviews here.

Suzie xx

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Book review: The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants
Book review: The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants

Book review: The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants

I’m happy to be reviewing The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants for this month’s British Books Challenge.  The book is published today (28th of April) and is the debut novel of Nikki Young.

The Blurb

The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants is a spy story with a difference.

When Harry and James form a secret agency for the summer, their first task is to investigate the disappearance of Harry’s lucky underpants and to prevent nosey neighbour, Stacey, from interfering in their business.

But when a mysterious couple move into an old house on their street, the children are intrigued. Harry and James must join forces with Stacey in order to uncover what is going on at number 35. And with Harry’s attention diverted from the hunt for his lucky underpants, will he ever be able to find them?

The cover

Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants

A perfect eye-catching genre cover. So far, so good.

The Story.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants: this story should be a hit with middle grade readers on its title alone.

We start off with our would-be spies investigating thefts from washing lines. The initial culprit is unexpected, but harmless, and I was concerned that the story might be a bit bland even for the intended 9-11 age group. Happily, I needn’t have worried, as events quickly escalate into something much more sinister and thrilling.

Harry, James and Stacey take turns narrating the events of their summewashing line photor spy club and I liked that this gives readers an insight into the minds of three children. I loved their imagination and innocent logic as they try to solve mysteries (both real and make-believe) and I liked the way they suspected someone and then discovered they were wrong. For example, after seeing a ladies underskirt on the washing line of a man who lived by himself, they find out he does the washing for his mother. Oops!

There were a few surprises and I never saw the identity of the washing line thief coming. 🙂

A niggle

children playing together photoHarry, James and Stacey turn out to be quite a team, but it’s not always that way. At the beginning of the book, I didn’t like the way the boys treated Stacy. There was a lot of, “I hate girls,” “We warned Stacey not to come anywhere near us or we’d show everyone in school the video that shows her playing with dolls like a little girl,” and “Let’s face it, she’s annoying anyway AND she’s a girl.”

Now, Stacey turns out to be a strong character and she does get her own back but I would have liked a little more gender co-operation from the start.

To sum up.

British Books Challenge 2017This is a fun book with a great cover, an engaging plot and a believable cast of characters which I’m sure young readers will identify with – a winning combination.

Nikki Young is an author, a blogger and a copywriter who hails from the South-East of England: perfect for me to link up with the British Books Challenge.

So, do Harry, James and Stacey find the lucky underpants? You’ll have to read the story to find out.

Suzie xx

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Win 5 Classic Picture Books in the May #Giveaway
Win 5 Classic Picture Books in the May #Giveaway

Wanna Win 5 Classic Picture Books?

During the month of May, readers of my blog will be able to Win 5 Classic Picture Books by answering one simple question below.

Titles I’m giving away include:

  • The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
  • Kipper by Mick Inkpen
  • Burglar Bill by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  • Guess How Much I love You by Sam McBratney
  • The Scarecrow’s Wedding by Julia Donaldson

They are all firm favourites in my house and are perfect for reading with your little one.

The winner will be drawn on 1st June.

Good luck

Suzie xx

PS The more you share, the more chances of winning you’ll have. 🙂


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Book Review: The W.H.O Files – Potions in the Pizza

Potions in the Pizza: Book Review.

I received a copy of Potions in the Pizza, the first book in The W.H.O Files, a middle grade fantasy by Mikey Brooks. It’s a fun read about a family of witch-hunters… think, a kids version of Supernatural.

The Cover

potions in the pizza

Brooks is an illustrator as well as an author and this cover screams, “read me I’m an exciting book.” Once again, I wish I could draw *sighs*

The blurb:

10­-year-­old twins Ethan and Emmy’s parents have never told their kids what they do for a living. Then just before Halloween, while their parents are away on an emergency business trip, Ethan, Emmy, and their best friend Jax discover a HUGE secret: could the twins’ parents actually be . . . witch hunters?

Meanwhile at school, a new team of glamorous lunch ladies arrives on the scene, serving meals that taste way too good to come from a school cafeteria. There’s only one logical explanation: they’re witches, and the meals they serve are spiked with a dangerous potion! Why have witches come to Roosevelt Elementary? Where have Ethan and Emmy’s parents gone? Can it be a mere coincidence that their parents left just as the witches arrived? Whether they’re ready or not, Ethan and Emmy have only one option if they want to save their school and find their parents: become witch hunters themselves.

I love the idea of dinner ladies being witches (I think they may have been witches when I was at school too!)

My Review.

First off,  Potions in the Pizza is very American and, whilst I have watched enough American TV to understand ballpark, wieners and blacktop (actually, I had to Google that one to be sure), British ten-year olds might not. Of course, if you’re from the US this is not a problem.

Obviously I am far from the target audience for this book and I found the first part was a little slow and tied up with ‘school issues.’

Also, I didn’t warm to Ethan and Emmy straight away. Ethan is a bit whiny and ineffective and Emmy is rather self-opinionated and selfish. But it did give them plenty of room for improvement and they both had great character arcs. Once the book gets down to the nitty-gritty of dinner ladies being witches and Ethan discovers the truth about his parents real job, the story cracks along at an enjoyable pace and by the end I was totally rooting for the twins as they battle to save the day.

And that brings me to a niggly issue I had with the plot. Why on Earth did Ethan and Emmy’s parents not come up with a cover story about their job? Even real-life secret agents usually have some pretend-legitimate occupation that they use to explain their long trips out of town to their family and friends. Saying you work in the  ‘family business’ is surely the quickest way to induce wild speculation with your children or their class mates. What were they thinking?


Also, I felt the dialogue was trying too hard at times, but again I’m somewhat older than the target age-range, so maybe the language would be ‘cool’ if I was younger. There are also some fight scenes but they are not gory and are suitable for the target audience.

My verdict

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It is a ‘witch-hunting’ story with a lot of twists and turns and I did not expect the ending. (No, I’m not telling). I will be looking out for Book 2 to see how the story unfolds.

Aboutmikey brooks Mikey Brooks

Mikey Brooks is a small child masquerading as adult. On occasion you’ll find him dancing the funky chicken, singing like a banshee, and pretending to have never grown up. He is the author/illustrator of several books including BEAN’S DRAGONS, the ABC ADVENTURES series, and author of the middle-grade fantasy-adventure novel, THE DREAM KEEPER. He spends most of his time playing with his daughters and working as a freelance illustrator. Mikey has a BS degree in Creative Writing from Utah State University. He is also one of the hosts of the Authors’ Think Tank Podcast.

Love the bio. Would like to see Mr Brooks dancing the funky chicken lol.

I received a copy of The W.H.O. Files: Potions in the Pizza from Future House Publishing in exchange for an unbiased review.

Suzie xx

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Ever mistaken a bear for a dog? Silly Doggy! by Adam Stower. Book Review.

Ever mistaken a bear for a dog?

silly doggy

Come on, it’s an easy mistake to make.

Silly Doggy! by Adam Stower is a very funny book that always makes my grandchildren laugh.

The story goes:

Lily, sees something in her garden.

It was big, brown and hairy. It had four legs, a tail and a big, wet nose, and Lily had ALWAYS wanted one…

Silly Doggy

Oops! My grandchildren love pointing out she’s got it wrong.

Lily does all the usual ‘doggy’ things with her new pet. She takes it for a walk, tries to teach it tricks and gives it a bath. But Lily’s parents put notices up around the neighbourhood and find the bear/dog’s owner. (Yes, really)

Silly Doggy

Lily is upset but the great twist at the end of the story is when she looks out in the garden and see’s…

Silly Doggy

Yep, she’s got it wrong again. Cue hilarious laughter from grandchildren.

British Books Challenge 2017Adam Stower is an award winning UK Author/Illustrator who has published books with such awesome titles as The Diary Of A Monster CatcherSlam!: A Tale of Consequences and Grumbug!

Silly Doggy! was my March book for the British Books Challenge 2017. It’s a fun book about mistaken identity and I will be looking out for more by Adam Stower.

Suzie xx

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day.

March 20th 1969: the day that Eric Carle published The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It’s a truly classic book and one of our favourites. In honour of this, March 20th is now officially “Very Hungry Caterpillar Day.”

A staggering 38 million copies of the book have sold worldwide and it’s been translated into over 60 languages. There are board book editions, popup book editions, editions with cloth caterpillars and ones with holes through the pages inviting little fingers to explore. And they all have Eric Carle’s distinctive collage style of illustration that children find so appealing.

What better way to celebrate Very Hungry Caterpillar Day 2017 than to hear the story told by my three year old grandson? I should warn you he does get distracted by a siren passing on the road outside but you also get his awesome comments 🙂  You can tell we’ve read this book a LOT.

Celebrate your own Very Hungry Caterpillar Day by downloading colouring pages from the Eric Carle website. Or have a run to the shop to collect a feast of the things the caterpillar ate?

Have fun

Suzie xx

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Book review: The Big Adventures of Tiny House:

Tiny House

I was really excited to receive an advance copy of The Big Adventures of Tiny House by Susan Schaefer Bernardo.

The Blurb

An old farmhouse gets recycled into something new: Tiny, a little house with a big heart and wheels. With the help of his friend Big Truck, Tiny travels thousands of miles across America. Along the way, he meets cool new friends like Shiny (an Airstream), Waverly (a houseboat) and Buster (a converted school bus). In the end, Tiny realizes that he has exactly what it takes to be a real home.

Sounds fun.

I got the grandchildren to put it through its paces.

Tiny HouseFirstly, the four-year old is big into rhyme at the moment, so the rhyming text was a success. He thought it was hilarious when I got my tongue tied on,

If you’re looking for adventure, just follow me,

to the axle-hoppin,’ wheel-stomping, Tiny House jamboree‘.

He also likes anything with wheels and he’d never seen anything resembling the quirky tiny houses. It was also good when he got to see the hammers and saws used to change the farmhouse into a house on wheels.

Tiny house goes on his adventures around America, stopping at New Orleans, Texas and the Rocky mountains. Grandson liked the maps and the place names didn’t phase him – I don’t suppose he would have known British places so they made no difference.

There was slightly too much writing to keep the attention of my two-year old grand-daughter.  but she enjoyed looking at the pictures and shouted ‘Beep Beep’ every time she spotted Tiny House.

The illustrations

The pictures are gorgeous and there was lots of detail for us to look at and talk about.

Tiny House picture

The verdict

This is an unusual and fun book which both me and my grandchildren enjoyed.

It’s message is a lovely one:

He could be a home anywhere, because home wasn’t a place,

Home was a feeling, a smile on your face.

Although my grandson concluded he wouldn’t like to live in a tiny house because he’d never know where to find it. You have to laugh.

The Author/Illustrator

This is the third book by talented author/illustrator combo Susan Schaefer Bernardo and Courtenay Fletcher. Best friends since they met during a Mommy and Me class, their other books are Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs and The Rhino who swallowed a Storm, which was co-authored with Reading Rainbow host, LeVar Burton.

Order information

The book is due for release on April 25th but it’s available to pre-order from  If you order before 31st of March, you could win a $50 gift certificate. The author is also donating a portion of sales to Makes a Village, an organization that builds tiny houses to help people facing homelessness.

Tiny House preorder

Happy reading

Suzie xx

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